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Design solutions that I offer

Being a professional creative expert, I build your brand or product through custom memorable design.

Service 1

UX and UI Design

When it comes to building digital products doing User Experience Research is utmost important. I create User Perosnas out of them and uderstand what is the problem being faced by target auidence and how you can solve them. Then I switch to designing Wireframes which projects entire User flow. As soon as the roadmap is prepared I will switch to Visual Design of Interface to make a long lasting impact of the platform by making every element visually appealing.

Service 2

Branding Strategy

Two key elements for long lasting online presence is your logo and visual graphics that you put on social networking sites to explain the purpose of your platform. I take user research into consideration and design visually appealing graphics and logos so that it create a long lasting impact in mind of your users.

Service 3

Frontend Web Development

Being tech savvy in web development languages of HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, JavaScript and JQuery, I am quite capable of coding all the stuffs that I design. Looking for one-stop solution for all your design and development requirements ? I am your guy.